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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that about half of all adults in the United States have one or more chronic health conditions, accounting for 84 percent of health care spending. Treating chronic disease is a matter of management, but with fee-for-service reimbursement, incentives work against cooperation among clinicians.

To examine what might encourage better workflows and communication while honoring patients' values, the Forum considered the challenges of care coordination and ways to sidestep obstacles in in the absence of payment reform (March 14); looked at how telehealth technology can further access, clinician education, and chronic care management (April 11); and explored the kind of "neighborhood" that could support a patient-centered medical home (June 6).

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Forum SessionJULY 25, 2014
Pediatric Dental Coverage in State and Federally Facilitated Exchanges:
The 2014 Plan Year Experience

Managers: Jessamy Taylor, MPP & Sally Coberly, PhD

Forum SessionJULY 18, 2014
Managing Physician Self-Referral: Recent Evidence and Potential Strategies
Managers: William J. Scanlon, PhD & Sally Coberly, PhD

Forum SessionJUNE 20, 2014
Controlling Opioid Drug Excess: Health Plan Interventions
Manager: Lisa Sprague, MBA

Forum SessionJUNE 13, 2014
Pioneer ACOs: The Frontier of Delivery System Reform?
Manager: Sally Coberly, PhD 

Forum SessionJUNE 6, 2014
Coordinating Chronic Care:
Will New Incentives Spur Primary Care-Specialist Collaboration?

Manager: Lisa Sprague, MBA

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