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Our Health Policy Essentials series for 2015 has concluded, but check out the briefing book for resources on these sessions. Speakers' slides and publications from the Forum and others have been compiled for your reference.

NEW for this year's HPE series: video from most of the sessions are being uploaded to our YouTube page. Here's the recording from the Medicare Overview segment of our Medicare and Health Care Spending session:

What's New

Fundamentals BriefingFEBRUARY 20, 2015
Health Policy Essentials: The Health Care Workforce
Managers: Sally Coberly, PhD

Fundamentals BriefingFEBRUARY 13, 2015
Health Policy Essentials: Public Health, Medicaid & CHIP, and Private Insurance
Managers: Jennifer Jenson, MPH, MPP; Sally Coberly, PhD & Lisa Sprague, MBA

The BasicsFEBRUARY 11, 2015
The Public Health Service
Author: Jennifer Jenson, MPH, MPP

Fundamentals BriefingFEBRUARY 6, 2015
Medicare and Health Care Spending
Manager: Sally Coberly, PhD