Harriet L. Komisar, PhD

Senior Research Analyst
The Hilltop Institute
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Sondheim Hall, 3rd Floor
1000 Hilltop Circle,
Baltimore, MD 21250
Phone: 410/455-6740

Harriet L. Komisar, PhD, is a senior research analyst at The Hilltop Institute, a research unit within the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), which she joined in July 2009. In this position, she develops and manages research and policy analysis related to long-term services and supports for older adults and people with disabilities.

Dr. Komisar is an economist with extensive experience researching health care and long-term care policy issues. Before joining The Hilltop Institute, Dr. Komisar was a research professor at Georgetown University, in the Health Policy Institute and the Georgetown Public Policy Institute, where her research focused on assessing people’s needs for long-term care and on evaluating policy options for long-term care financing, and where she had a major role in the Georgetown University Long-Term Care Financing Project. Previously, she served as principal analyst at the Congressional Budget Office, where she worked on topics related to Medicare and other topics in federal health care policy.

Dr. Komisar is a nationally published author of peer-reviewed journal articles, as well as book chapters and foundation and government reports, including: Long-Term Care in Health Care Reform: Policy Options to Improve Both published by The SCAN Foundation in 2009;  Long-Term Care Financing: Policy Options for the Future, Georgetown University Long-Term Care Financing Project, 2007; and “Long-Term Care Over an Uncertain Future: What Can Current Retirees Expect?” and “Unmet Long-Term Care Needs: An Analysis of Medicare-Medicaid Dual Eligibles”, articles published in Inquiry. Dr. Komisar received her PhD degree in economics from Cornell University and her BA degree from Yale.

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