Richard Boothman, JD

Executive Director of Clinical Safety
Chief Risk Officer
University of Michigan Health System
1500 E. Medical Center Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Phone: 734/764-4188
Assistant: Nancy Schneider

In July 2001, trial attorney Rick Boothman, JD, left a busy malpractice defense law practice in Michigan and Ohio to join the University of Michigan Health System, intent on establishing a new approach to unanticipated patient outcomes. Contrary to prevailing risk management beliefs, Mr. Boothman reasoned that transparency about adverse events would improve safety, but would also have a positive impact on malpractice claims. He envisioned a process built around three simple principles: to compensate patients quickly and fairly when unreasonable care caused injury, to support caregivers vigorously when their care was reasonable, and, most importantly, to improve by learning through patients' experiences. Nearly 15 years later, transparency continues to drive patient safety improvement and peer review at the University of Michigan.

Mr. Boothman is the chief risk officer with the University of Michigan Health System, and an assistant adjunct professor in the Department of Surgery at the University of Michigan Medical School. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan and the University of Detroit School of Law.

Mr. Boothman has testified before Congress, advised governors and legislators on state and national issues, and played a significant role in initiatives funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality and the American Hospital Association's Health Research and Educational Trust. He serves on the boards of directors for the National Patient Safety Foundation and the Michigan Health and Hospital Association's Keystone Center for Patient Safety & Quality. Mr. Boothman and colleagues have published their experience in the American Health Lawyer's Journal of Health and Life Sciences Law, the Annals of Internal Medicine, Frontiers of Health Services Management, and the Milbank Quarterly. He regularly assists other health care systems and state and federal government agencies, and he is a frequent speaker and lecturer.

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